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Building Dept (310) 524-2380
Welcome to the City of El Segundo's Development Project Builder

The City of El Segundo's Development Project Builder is an easy way to start a Development Project, view the types of projects you can do for a particular address, and easy access to department forms and applicaions.
If this is your first time using the system, you will need to register using our on-line registration.
You can also download useful forms and information from one convenient place on our web.
With the Development Project Builder, you can see a variety of helpful Energy Efficiency Information and Resources to help your project be energy efficient.
The Development Project Builder is provided as a guide to your Development Project.  All information provided is considered to be a reference and city staff must be consulted on all applications required, fees required, plan checks, zoning / city ordinances and the overall process of your project.
Project Builder Requirements:
Internet Explorer 7 or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader

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